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About Seabury Corporate Finance


Seabury Corporate Finance’s Investment and Merchant Banking team’s value-add to your business is our global presence, core competency, and industry expertise.

Our goal is to be our clients’ most trusted advisor in helping their businesses capitalize on rapidly emerging business opportunities through acquisitions and capital raises, as well as assessing and executing divestiture opportunities to achieve their long-term goals and objectives.

Unlike other investment banks which may be part of larger financial institutions, Seabury Corporate Finance is an independent advisory practice. Our objective corporate advisory and investment banking services are focused on aviation, aerospace, and financial services sectors.

We provide independent advice

  • Unlike other investment banks which may be part of larger financial institutions, Seabury Corporate Finance is an independent advisory practice
  • Because of our expertise in the industries of our focus, we often work with larger investment banks to improve deal viability and to ‘pressure test’ underlying investment theses. When we’re involved, the probability of deal execution is increased

We are focused and dedicated

  • We believe that by focusing on just a handful of industries we know very well, we can deliver much better advice to our clientse
  • Unlike generalist bankers, we are able to analyze complex situations with precision and deliver the best possible advice and direction to our clients

We possess deep institutional knowledge and relationships in the industries we serve

  • Together with our classically trained bankers, we have industry experts which have spent many years working for companies in the industries we serve
  • Because of our operating platform combining professionals with investment banking, management consulting and corporate advisory backgrounds, we are able to field teams with more depth

Seabury Capital Group delivers diversified and responsive business solutions to clients across many industries

Seabury Capital Group

Seabury Corporate Finance is part of New York-based Seabury Capital Group LLC ("Seabury Capital"), which operates a number of specialty finance, investment banking, technology and software companies with a core focus anchored in aviation, aerospace & defense, and financial services & technology.

Since its founding in 1995, Seabury Capital has taken ownership stakes in software and asset management businesses servicing the aviation and travel industries. Within the last few years, Seabury Capital has expanded its portfolio by investing in early stage startup companies within the financial technology industry and structured investment products. In addition, Seabury Capital owns and operates FINRA and FCA regulated investment banking services firms in the U.S. and U.K., respectively, serving external clients as well as assisting the companies in which Seabury Capital has invested.

Seabury Capital has operations in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Cordoba, Dallas, Dublin, Durban, Edison (NJ), Hong Kong, Houston, Jersey City, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Minneapolis, Singapore, Summit (NJ), Stamford (CT), and Tokyo.

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