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Competencies - Merchant Banking

Merchant Banking

Seabury Corporate Finance’s merchant banking practice seeks to leverage the extensive expertise, capabilities, and relationships of the greater Seabury Capital Group organization to make targeted investments in the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense, and Maritime sectors through three primary strategies: Private Label Aircraft Leasing, Minority Equity Investing, and Senior / Unitranche Lending.

Private Label Aircraft Leasing

The commercial aircraft leasing platform focuses on middle-aged and older aircraft, which represent a relatively unexploited market segment offering attractive risk-adjusted returns. Seabury Corporate Finance’s breadth of experience and global network enable us to identify and manage aircraft portfolios throughout their life cycle – from procurement and structured financing to asset and end-of-life management.

Minority Equity Investing

Given our proprietary understanding of industry-specific trends, Seabury Corporate Finance is seeking to make targeted investments principally in the aviation-support and Aerospace & Defense industries. In addition to capital, Seabury Capital brings credibility to management teams / advisory boards, extensive structuring and term negotiation experience, and operating expertise in solving complex issues.

Senior / Unitranche Lending

Backed by broad industry and financing market knowledge, as well as extensive credit analysis experience, Seabury Corporate Finance offers flexible, unorthodox capital solutions in the form of senior / unitranche debt. Through its advisory practice, Seabury has the ability to appropriately diagnose a client’s strategic and operational needs and implement measures to improve its credit profile.


Our maritime team provides solutions focused on global trade and transportation that drive strategic investments and decision-making, while assisting companies operationally to adapt for success and maintain sustained competitive advantage. View the Seabury Maritime PFRA website

Seabury Corporate Finance is a subsidiary of Seabury Capital Group LLC which operates a number of specialty finance, investment banking, technology and software companies with a core focus anchored in aviation, aerospace & defense, maritime, and financial services & technology.

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